Iphone/Ipad Apps

iDuas – Thursday

This app contains some of the recommended acts to be performed on Thursdays such as Dua Kumail, Ziyarat Waritha, Sura Yasin and Sura Insan. The app contains the Arabic text along with the English Translation. In addition, a brief overview of each item can be read. The app contains audio and video for each supplication.…
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Risalatul Huquq

Risalatul Huquq is a seventh Century Islamic Document on various Legal and Moral Rights of Human Beings’ by the 4th Imam, Imam Zainul Abideen (A.S.).  The app was based from the english translation by Allamah Sayyid Saeed Akhtar Rizvi.
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Nahjul Balagha

Nahjul Balagha is a collection of Sermons, Letters and miscellaneous Sayings left as a memorial from the first Imam, Imam Ali (A.S.). This book is divided into three sections of Sermons, Letters and short Sayings. Some of the sayings have been selected from the Sermons and Letters.
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